Synth Wave Kit (6 units)


  • Synth Wave Kit (6 units)
  • Synth Wave Kit (6 units)
  • Synth Wave Kit (6 units)
  • Synth Wave Kit (6 units)
  • Synth Wave Kit (6 units)
  • Synth Wave Kit (6 units)
  • Synth Wave Kit (6 units)

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Our #1 pick for chief noisemakers and aspiring music producers. A synth that lets kids get creative with sound waves, learning how to create electronic music and produce beats like a pro. They can record, layer and share their own tracks with all of their fans!

Ages: 8+

What’s in the box?
1x Synth Module
6 x Bolts and screws
1 x Speaker
1 x Cardboard casing

How it Works?

Build the synth and immediately start creating & controlling sound waves to make music.

Play and Learn
Follow the step-by-step tutorials available online to make serious sound waves!

Record your tracks and share them with your friends and family using the Recording Studio.

More than just music!
By putting the Synth Wave Kit together, kids get a hands-on understanding of how a synth module works. They get to tinker with the arpeggiator and learn how it creates patterns. Experimentation and improvisation are a key focus here. Kids get to go off-script and push their imagination to the max, discovering the wonderful world of electronic music.

Open-ended play
The kit comes with access to our digital learning platform – Club Make – where they can find step-by-step tutorials and projects to grow their skills. By using the new Recording Studio, they can also record, layer or remix their newest summer hits and share them with their #1 fans!

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