Electro Dough Story Kit (10 units)


  • Electro Dough Story Kit (10 units)
  • Electro Dough Story Kit (10 units)
  • Electro Dough Story Kit (10 units)
  • Electro Dough Story Kit (10 units)
  • Electro Dough Story Kit (10 units)

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A fully immersive experience that uses narrated stories and step-by-step tutorials to help kids bring their dough stories to life. By using colourful LEDs and 3D-pop up scenes, kids watch adventures unfold right before their eyes.

Ages: 4+

What’s in the box?

1x Battery pack (batteries included)
4x Pots of Electro Dough
8x Lights
2x Connectors
3x Story Sheets
1x Pop Sheet

How it Works?

Bring entire worlds to life through story-telling and narrated play.

Play with 3D pop-outs, lights, and electric circuits

Follow step-by-step video tutorials and play along with audio narration – or narrate your own!


Learning Outcomes
Circuit, Creative Thinking, Decision making, Crafting

More than just play!
By playing with the Electro Dough Story kit, kids go beyond simply moulding figurines. Developing their communication skills through storytelling, ultimately building their vocabulary and confidence. On top of that, they also gain an understanding of how electricity and electric circuits work – all through artistic play and creative storytelling.

You’ll see the learning. They’ll see the possibilities.
Kids can spend hours creating whole worlds from scratch for their creations to come to life in. All the kit’s components are 100% reusable, so the fun never ends. Plus, the over 20+ online projects and tutorials available on Club Make ensure that learning is laced into the whole experience.

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