Do Story (3 units)

The Do Book Co. (London)

  • Do Story (3 units)
  • Do Story (3 units)
  • Do Story (3 units)
  • Do Story (3 units)
  • Do Story (3 units)
  • Do Story (3 units)
  • Do Story (3 units)

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Do Story – How to tell your story so the world listens

'The universe is made of stories, not atoms.' - Muriel Rukeyser
Today’s world wants to know you and the real story behind why you do what you do. Whether you have a product to sell, a company mission to share or an audience to entertain, people are far more likely to engage and connect if you deliver a well-crafted story with an emotional core. Bobette Buster is a story consultant to major studios including Pixar, Disney and Sony Animation.

In Do Story she teaches the art of telling powerful and engaging stories. With profiles of activists, leaders and visionaries, she shares a variety of styles and subjects to demonstrate her Ten Principles of Storytelling.

Product: Book
Author: Bobette Buster
Artwork: Millie Marotta

Available at MoMA NYC
Age: 12 to 102

Items per Display: 3 Books
Item Dimensions: 12x18 cm
ISBN: 978-1-907974-62-5

Origin: Made in Europe

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