COBI Poster (20 units)

B2BC (Madrid)

  • COBI Poster (20 units)
  • COBI Poster (20 units)
  • COBI Poster (20 units)
  • COBI Poster (20 units)

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Our favorite new friend's name is Cobi, Cobi la Cobaya. This lovely Guinea Pig is the superhero created by @yosoyalbertbelmonte and @ferfriky and the superstar of this first set of posters edited by B2BC.

The set includes
Cobi the Party Animal, Cobi the Traveler, Cobi the Phographer and Cobi in the Wild Wild West. It's a Poster made in Madrid. It's a Poster made for all those Livingrooms, Kinderzimmer and Coworkingspaces.

C-Print 300 gr.

Product: Poster
Available at selected retailers

Age: 3 to 103

Items per Display: 20 Posters (5 sets of 4)
Item Dimensions: A4
Material: Paper
Origin: Made in Europe

Delivery: June 2018

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